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By POCC Mag on February 5, 2021

Stephn  intentionally weaves every bit of creativity into a sound that carries a solid base and holds vision. NYC-born, Nigeria and DC-raised, Stephn has been inspired by sonics from his roots and from vulnerable experiences- Heavily driven by retro sounds, Stephn has been able to create a movement of his own through expression. Stephn kick-started his music career in 2018, working on his debut project “Time Before Us”. Released first as a visual project paired with an EP, he managed to weave together fashion, creative direction, and music to create pure forms of self-expression. His energy did not go unnoticed. After quickly selling out his EP release event, he then opened for Kari Faux, Mac Ayres and Ari Lennox on different tour stops. Stephn doesn’t shy away from getting to the root of emotional vulnerability when creating his art. Through this honest approach, he’s able to create a genuine connection with his audience

Below is a short journal entry by Stephn about the importance of expression through his work, accompanied by a playlist exclusively for POCC.

: an act, process, or instance of representing in a medium (such as words)
freedom of expression
: something that manifests, embodies or symbolizes something else

To express, I sort through multiple versions of myself and practice intentionality when I choose to present those aspects of my personality through my work, very publicly. This process could be defining while it’s happening. I believe this makes us special as intricate beings, the openness to interpretation and the abstraction of our expressiveness.

It has been imperative to me not to define my expressions or personality because there are too many facets. As we create, we evolve and more importantly, we transition. These passages serve as invisible tunnels to me. They are integral parts of the overall creative journey I chose to embark on; it is how I have been able to track my growth, on an even deeper, spiritual level.

When I transition, I know that I have learned from a particular experience I endured. Immediately, I realize it is time to take on what I have been taught and apply it to future projects while also feeling out interpersonal connections. I know I can fully move on when I have acquired inner closure through fulfilment.

Generally, it is tough to transition as we are tied very closely to personal experiences that manifest in what we produce. I find myself taking time away and reflecting on life-changing experiences through time- emotionally, mentally and physically. The extension becomes more apparent—realizing how I got to where I am currently, repeatedly neglecting general conformity and finding neutral ground. I am justified in how I express, which then raises confidence levels in my external energy and overall existence.

Expression comes with heavy transitions, as vessels we learn what works for us, and it becomes more rewarding as we continue to grow.

: passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another
: a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another

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