People of Colour Collective (POCC) Magazine, is a publication that is dedicated to championing, supporting and spotlighting POC creatives within the fashion, art, film, music, photography and culture sector.

Our goal is to seek underrepresented artists and give them a platform to share their personal experiences and their work, to actively place them at the forefront. With such a publication, we have the opportunity to change the way these industries approach diversity and inclusivity, demonstrating how easy it is to be authentic in our representation.

POCC Magazine not only focuses on uplifting the voices of people of colour, we aim to give all those experiencing prejudice a chance to share their story and experience.

Founded in August of 2018, POCC Magazine is predominantly a digital platform. As we continue to create spaces for POC creatives to share their experiences through spotlighting features, editorials, music playlists, photo galleries and much more; we are demonstrating that these kind of spaces exist and should be encouraged!

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