Video Premiere ‘Sometimes’ by KYE

By Ben Ilobuchi on May 13, 2021

Kye is a Zimbabwe-born, London-raised, Melbourne-based artist who cut her teeth performing as a live backing vocalist for artists like Sampa The Great, Ruel, Jessica Mauboy, Genesis Owusu and more. Not content with waiting in the wings, Kye has finally taken her own rightful moment in the spotlight and has seized it with force, her timeless voice and natural stage presence making it a mystery as to why she was ever outside of it in the first place.

Kye released her debut single ‘Sometimes’ last month, a track lamenting the final breaths of a dying relationship, but with the maturity and foresight to understand that ‘sometimes’ these things happen. Kye’s vocals are strong and clear and purposeful but dances gently over the bassy backing track like a lullaby. The song is obviously also meant to be enjoyed on a purely musical level, but Kye is not just singing; she is speaking, and her voice commands you to listen. 

A dreamy live music video has also been recently released for the equally dreamy ballad. Taking place on ‘Mount Olympus’ the clip features Kye singing alongside an accompanying band in a smoke-filled room. The whole piece is filmed similarly to a 70s talk-show performance; all slow-pans, and soft-fades, while interspersed with clips of B-roll from various Greco-Roman films and TV shows, further enforcing the retro, karaoke quality of the video.

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