POCC Playlist: Mikka

By POCC mag on December 2, 2020

Multifaceted artist Mikka took the time to curate a vibrant playlist to transport us back to his holiday pre COVID. From tunes he discovered partying in South Africa to tracks that simply remind him of home, this playlist is bound to lift your mood wherever you are.

I made this playlist dedicated to my exploration of African dance sounds. The playlist is curated as a mix, with each track purposefully organised to flow into the next track. The mix consists of club tracks from all around the African continent. A lot of the tracks are those I heard while partying in South Africa earlier this year.

First track being ‘Motherland’ by Madlib is an introduction to the mix, “Welcome to flight 002 to Africa” a sample I used to use as an introduction to my mixes a few years ago when I used to create them, somewhat nostalgic for me. It then kicks off with a HARD hitting track by PEDRO and Ghanaian MC, Bryte ‘Stuck On You’. From the marching, militant rhythm of ‘Stuck On You’ we then shift to a Ghanaian track ‘Banku Dade’ by Jowaa. This track pays homage to a long tradition of Accra based electronic music, shadowed by distinct dance moves that evolved from Kpanlogo music.

Switching it up with ‘The King Of Afro Dance’ – A-Star, another worldwide hit “Balaya”. From Ghana as well with SUCH a GOOD music video. Next up is Azaa by Gafacci, Ghana-based, Afro electronic music which kind of plays as an interlude within the mix as we then move to sounds from Naija! (Nigeria) ‘Tesumole by Naira Marley, whom I’d personally describe as the Nigerian Chief Kief, with the way he flows, as well as his long-ass dreads.

We then move to the South African part of the mix, starting with Sho Madjozi’s track ‘Amadoda’ meaning “grown men” in Zulu, Shy One goes hard with this remix. Excellent track all round. Next is probably one of my favourite track by DJ Lag, will go so far to say in my opinion he is one of the best exports out of modern South Africa, his DJ sets are out of this world.   

This is as far as I’ll go with a written description of the mix. The mix carries on showcasing the broad spectrum of African club tracks I’ve really been into, with the rest being nothing short of excellent, hope you enjoy!

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