POCC Editorial: LevoN BAIRD

By POCC Mag on 22 Aug 2022

Left - Ajier wears full look Prada
Right  - Apuol wears full look Miu Miu

Apuol wears Full look Miu Miu 

Left - Ajier wears top and jacket by Moncler leggings by Jordan Dalah
Right - Apuol wears blazer stylist own, skirt by Moncler and Belts by Miu Miu

Left - Apuol wears Jordan Dalah
Right - Ajier wears Jordan Dalah

Apuol wears Full Look Prada

Left - Ajier wears full look Dior
Right - Apuol wears full look Dior

Apuol wears Coat and necklace by Chanel

Apuol wears Top and Dress by Dior

Left - Apuol wears Full look by Chanel
Right - Ajier wears full look by Chanel

Apuol wears coat and necklace by Chanel

Full look by Caroline Reznik

Photographer: Levon Baird
Stylist: Andrew Mallett 
Makeup: Claire Thompson 
Models: Apuol - Chic and Ajier - Priscilla’s

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