Kiyah the soon-to-be-mother of House Mattel talks about her experiences and her tips on lifting the women around us

By POCC mag on September 2, 2020

In light of all the social upheaval around the globe right now, there is no better time to shine the spotlight on Black Trans Women. Trans People, more specifically Black Trans Women, are continuously facing brutal discrimination, even within seemingly progressive circles. We as a society need to be carving a space where these women not only feel welcomed but celebrated.

We chatted with Kiyah the soon-to-be-mother of House Mattel about her experiences, uplifting other Black Trans Women and how we can all follow her example.

This shoot is about representation, glorifying, and admiration of Black, Trans Women. Are there outstanding examples of this that you are seeing lately that should become the norm?

I’ve seen a bunch of people that weren’t a part of the LGBT community that had some words for the transwomen and how we are treated.

You are from the house Mattel. Can you tell us about your involvement in the ballroom scene?

Yes. I am currently Godmother; Soon to be overall mother Mattel. I’ve been a Mattel for about five years now. I am the first female figure in the house of Mattel. I have been there since it pretty much started and soon I’ll take over!

Can you describe the house of Mattel?

Unapologetic, Amazing with young talented people, Energetic, & Family Oriented.

Who are the Trans artists that you most admire?

I love all the actresses that were in the show “POSE”, but one that I really like the most, who is a Trans Activist, is Janet Mock. She puts herself on a different platform that I like. Any trans women can live that sexual lifestyle and have that sexual image, but she is setting a better example for transwomen. She’s showing them that we can be regular people, still be a woman, and act like women. She show’s society how we, as transwomen, can be mature and not always be about drama.

As much as this year has been challenging, it has also been enlightening on topics such as the BLM movement and trans rights. At least, within our echo chamber, we are seeing a lot more active advocacy. Would you say there is a shift at the moment, no matter how little it may seem?

Not really. I wouldn’t say it’s a big leap, but it’s definitely moving in the direction it should be. I believe that things take time, so you can’t expect everyone to be on the same page at one time. Sometimes people take longer than others to be equipped with what is happening in the world.”

As women, what are your tips for glorifying and lifting the women around you?

Knowing that we all have insecurities and we all come from different struggles, I would say to try to spread the positivity amongst everyone, regardless if they are women or not. When you’re positive, have the right mindset, and surround yourself with good energy, you have no room to be miserable. You are able to be happy and receive all of your blessings. Encourage everyone to do their best!

What is your proudest moment from this year?

Definitely surviving COVID and the quarantine. Also still maintaining a healthy lifestyle because it’s been so hard, especially with everything that is going on.

What are you looking forward to the most, now that lockdown is over?

My business! I want to brand myself more.


Kiyah shot by Jeremy Grier
Styling by DeMarcus Johnson
Make up by Natalie Thomas
Hair by Christina Beman

Production by Sequoia Films
Photo assistant Isobel Rae

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