Anu Kumar’s photo series Ghar explores the history of her identity

By Rachael Morrow on October 6, 2020

These selected images come from Anu Kumar’s photo series entitled Ghar. An exploration of the place she calls home shot on the streets of Kavi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. Anu captures the nostalgia and long-forgotten elements that formed her identity. She tackles feelings of being an outsider in both her home country and the city she grew up in, Melbourne. Her ability to capture moments frozen in time but drenched in history gives her work an innately human quality. The colours found in her imagery are bursting with character, drawing our eye to the centre of the story.

Ghar is compiled of various photos taken over several years, when Anu would visit India with her aunt as her guide, within the local community. Through her aunt, Anu was able to bridge the gap from outsider to local, giving her access to a world she “had long left behind.”

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